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BarnReport Pro is the first environmental monitoring tool with both alerts and a check-point/tracking system, stopping small problems from becoming big ones.

Our technology immediately flags changes in off-site water levels, feed consumption activity, temperature variations and other systems – changes you or your employees might not notice right away. We then notify the right people, via voice, text messaging or email. An accountability report is also built right in to the system, giving you peace of mind that the problem has been fixed, and by the appropriate individuals.

Our customized solutions can be used in conjunction with Dicam controllers, or as a monitoring device with any existing brand of control systems. You decide what’s best for your site.

With BarnReport Pro, you'll have:

  • Alarm notification with accountability features
  • People tracking capabilities
  • Real-time site monitoring
  • A monitoring feature that complements your existing control system
  • Weather reports
  • and more...

BarnReport Pro is simple. It operates in the background and it's not substantially changeable at the site location.

CriticalAlarm can manage the risks within your production site and ensure that you are notified immediately when something goes wrong.

  • Instantly and automatically notify you of a problem
  • Alert you by SMS,email or phone call
  • Notify specific staff member(s)
  • Provide flexible,customised solutions
  • Help you to manage and reduce risks on site

ActiveCharts is the graphical viewing and analysis tool for pig professionals.
Easily monitor your existing systems such as:

  • Temperature
  • Electricity
  • Humidity
  • Pig Weight
  • Wind Direction
  • Many more & almost unlimited custom parameters

SiteMap You can’t be everywhere at once but with SiteMap you can view your site in real-time on any device with an internet connection.

  • Provide a remote overview of your entire site
  • Give you real-time information
  • Allow you to assess your site’s performance
  • Provide scalability as your site develops

BetterScore is a real-time data scoring and flexible notification system that continuously analyses and evaluates your site.

  • Provide real-time scoring and notifications
  • Identify variations in feed and water intake and temperature
  • Ongoing evaluation and daily scores
  • Continuously evaluate and score your data

TrackGrowth allows you to view the weight, average daily gain and feed conversion of your pigs on a daily or even hourly basis.

Using the GrowthSensor, an in-pen voluntary access scale, you can see how your pigs are performing in real-time.
Data can be viewed in charts and tables, allowing you to make timely management decisions using accurate, live data rather than relying on historic data.

Our systems are incredibly customisable with user access you can control what a user can and can't do, you can set alarm times and tell the system which alarms are important to you and which can be monitored daily by your managers.

Using the options in BarnReport Pro you can have a system working for you just how you want it to.

BarnReport Pro can enhance any kind of remote location operation because it quickly flags problems and launches a chain-of-command process to solve them.

Here's one example of how it works:

The water has not run on a pig farm for three hours:
- PHONE CALL goes to farm staff or manager (can be multiple people)
- TEXT sent to Production Supervisor
If acknowledged by farm staff, the date and timestamp along with ID of who acknowledged the alarm is logged.

The water has not run for five hours:
- PHONE CALL to Production Supervisor
- EMAIL sent to Director
If acknowledged by Production Supervisor, the date and timestamp along with ID of who acknowledged the alarm is logged.

The water has not run for seven hours:
- PHONE CALL to Director
- EMAIL sent to COO
If acknowledged by Director, the date and timestamp along with ID of who acknowledged the alarm is logged.

The water has not run for seven hours:
- EMAIL sent to Owner
If acknowledged by COO, the date and timestamp along with ID of who acknowledged the alarm is logged.

The user can define and customize alarms and notifications to their specific farm or remote location. The notification can be delivered in the manner best fitting to the audience (i.e. voice, text message or email).
You measure what is important to your business and we can customize a plan for you.


Hugh Crabtree

01189 889 093

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